Future Path

Based on the the four letters of the word STAR, the principle sets out your Future Path.

Risk sensible

  • Strategic - Focusing on the long term.
  • Tactical - Action you can take now and in the near future.
  • Anticipating - Sensing the future trends and shifts. We call this STAR Gazing.
  • Risk Sensible - Risk management. So you don't become a Falling STAR.
  Charting Your Path

Our Step by Step Map

  STAR Questions
Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities
STAR Path Questions

Please answer the basic FutureCents Questions 
( You may want to print off the questions for future reference )

1)  What is your business or current occupation?

2)  What are the biggest problems your business or occupation faces right now?

3)  What changes are currently underway or being considered within your business or occupation?

4)  What is IMPOSSIBLE to do in your business or occupation right now, but, if could be done, would fundamentally change it?


  The Next Step

Charting Your Path 
Translating Your Answers in Your Future Path

Our Open Letter 
  The next step involves relating your answers to the STAR Points.








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