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  About STAR Path
Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities
About STAR Path
  • The STAR Path is a Custom Designed, Future Tool Kit you can use to remain future focused and have that competitive edge in life.
  • We allow you to look at your own particular situation and put a future spin on it. We provide you with a framework, questions and checklist that you can then apply to any future situation ( business, home or work )
  • Are you aware that most Paradigm Shifts begin with outsiders?  This is what our site is all about..... identifying future paradigm shifts.  In other words, watching Internet trends and identifying potential new rules to the game.
  • This is what our tool kit provides for you.  Another way to identify potential rule breakers, then translating this to your own personal situation.
  • When the rules of the game change ( and they will), everyone starts back at zero. This is called the back to zero rule. Your past means nothing, you better be on the new leading edge.....or else you'll be washed out. ( We call this a "Falling Star")
  • Our STAR Path Framework focuses on anticipating and identifying the "game rule" changes before they occur. 
  • Our STAR Path allows you to become a future explorer, making smart moves for your money.
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Why is it Free?
Why Are We Offering Something for Nothing?

Excellent Question!  Something for nothing?  No strings attached?
Hard to believe, especially when our Safety Zone specifically deals with the principle of Online fraud.  Please visit "If Its Too Good To Be True, Its Not True."  

Well, quite simply we believe in the abundance mentality.  
We believe that there is more than enough of the pie to go around.  

Offering a tool kit for success is just another way for us to live our core values.
Our Guiding Principle: "To be your servant agent."

If we can provide you with a fresh look on your situation, then our mission has been completed.
So, we believe that , use the internet to keep costs down, strategically align with other like minded people and prove yourself. That's fooling.

We can't blame you for being somewhat suspicious. In fact, we expect it. However, all we can do is live our core values and leave the rest to you. 

Our bottom line is about "doing the right thing".   We know in the long run, "walking our talk" will come pay back big dividends for us. 





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