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Using measurable physiological and/or behavioral characteristics to verify the identify of an individual.  No more passwords or personal identification numbers.

  Risk Management
Risk Analysis 
Managing Risk.......The Way of the Future 
We explore risk assessment, risk analysis, exposure avoidance, loss prevention, loss reduction, loss retention, risk financing, loss exposure, performance monitoring and much more.
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Tactics - Things You Can Do Now!
Search for the Best Loan Rate
Use the "Loan Calculator"
Verify Your Online Lender is "Government Approved"
The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese - Timing is everything!
  Tactics and Strategies
Strategies - Things To Watch
Will the Bubble Burst?  Will there be an end to many Net Companies with million-billion dollar market caps?  Can everyone get out of the market on time?
Look for credible sites to shop.  Do they live Core Values?
Look for Online Security Issues to become a priority.  What's next?  eCash, smart cards, debt cards, advanced biometrics.

  Safety Zone
   Risk Sense
Without taking risk, you will get nowhere in the future. But, you must be risk sensible, risk smart, when you do move forward. We are talking about a risk path that has explored all the known "alligators" our there in the big pond of life.
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