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  Bot Technology
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Bot Technology

Comparison Shopping/Comparison Search Robots


Unless you are very net-savvy, the Internet is a jungle out there. With over a billion web pages, finding that best deal, or exact item you want is next to impossible. 

In this era of Information Overload and the Online Explosion, the average person does not have the time to spend searching all the search engines and search comparison bots (web robots that search sites) to find the best deal.

Currently, many sites are trying to offer "one stop" shopping for comparison searches.

One of the biggest issues right now is the true objectivity of a comparison search robots. 
The consumer does not know that some search robots have forged deals with specific online merchants. 
In other words, the consumer may not always be getting the best deal or the complete results of their desired search.

The following site:   offers a comprehensive list of all known bots in all categories, with links and summary reviews. It is an excellent resource to find out what's out there.  What it does not offer is the immediate multi search option for the consumer. 

Our Tip: Use multiple comparison search bots to ensure you are getting all the information you want and the best deal.

The future in comparison shopping will be in Recommendation Engines. These next generation bots can be instructed on exactly what the consumer wants. Recommendation engines do not just compare prices, but they compare value based on personal preferences that the consumer enters. They are virtual learners which could continue searching for you long after your initial inquiry. They can also make recommendations on the consumers "personal profile", notifying them of potential deals as the megabot finds them.

See:  for more details on megabots.





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