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  Domain Names - Our Recommendation
Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Domain Names - Our Recommendation

Our Future Sense on the matter..... We extensively searched the web to find the best.
We have listed our reasons why got our thumbs up! ( and money too!).  Domain Name Registration - Get your own personalized Internet domain name today and choose from over 30 different top level domain extensions.  One Stop Shopping...It's Easy. Do it before all the names are gone!
This is who we use. Proven for the best price, best service and practicing of core values.

State of the art and current domain name search engine

Best Prices ( standard registration fee that InterNIC charges - nothing else )
No Additional Handling Fees or Parking Fees

No Membership Fees or mandatory value-added services/special promotions that must purchase
Easy management of your account

You can park your domain name on's servers, there is NO fee for this service. If you register a domain name with your domain name you can also build your free web site in minutes with an easy to use site building tool.  Benefits include: Up to 3 free pages* 
Real time updates, ability to upload personal graphics and quick and an easy step by step building tool.  

FREE URL forwarding of your domain name.  Free URL Forwarding allows you to sign up for an unlimited number of free accounts. This service inserts a's navigation bar in a frame at the bottom of the screen and retains the destination URL in the address bar. 

Easy Transfer of the Domain Name Registration

Full range of services including URL forwarding, web hosting and web based e-mail service
They are an ICANN Accredited Registrar



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63 Characters in Domain Names



Domain Name Regulations Change.  Longer Domain Names Now Allowed.
Up to 63 characters are now allowed in domain names.  Until recently, the regulations only allowed 26 characters.  Over 4 million domain names up to 26 characters have been registered to date.

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