Domain Names - Unlocking the Mystery

Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Domain Names - Unlocking the Mystery

The next real estate boom is in domain names.  Domain names are the simple combination of a word with an extension like .com or .net. This combination serves as both the identity of an Internet company and an address. 

The market for domain names has exploded.  

A great domain name is a big part of your branding. 

This is why a good domain name can be all your business needs to make it big in cyber space. And that's why the market for domain names had exploded with businesses spending millions to acquire the right name.

The competition is only going to get more intense.

There are more than 13 million registered domain names.
270,000 are registered each week.  It is estimated that the domain name market will be worth more than 2 billion by 2003.  

Good luck finding a generic name (example: or That is why they sell for so much now.  It is estimated that to become a "breakthrough" brand name on the web, it costs up to 50 million dollars.  And in the area of business-to-business electronic commerce arena, growth potential is more like 2 trillion.

Alternatives  Look for catch phrases or clever slogans.  Recently we registered for a client.
Here is an example of great potential and you'll never forget the name ( now that's brand recognition )

Potential Investment Domain Names Still Available
Here are a few names that we like and that were still available at the time of writing.

Domain Names - Something To Consider

There is no doubt that having a domain name with the extension (.com) is the Cadillac of our current e-commerce world. But, we're running out of names and this is driving the secondary market prices up. You have to ask.....Will they ever expand the domain name extensions?   Did the State of California add an extra digit to their license plates? Did we ever run out of 1-800 numbers?

Our point is this, is it worth buying a trendy domain name on the secondary market, like for $823 -thousand (U.S.)?  Or, for $7.5-million ( U.S.)?  Or, would you be smarter to invest in a two or three word domain name that could also attract traffic and brand recognition?

Good question, if you are mega company with lots of money, then one word, secondary market is where you will probably shop.   The rest of the world will have to really do their research before they spend big dollars on the secondary market.  Remember, the average consumer is getting overloaded with trying to remember the millions of domain names out there. Brand recognition is a big science and there are many components to consider. So, invest in domain names wisely on the secondary market.


January 2000

Domain Name Regulations Change.  Longer Domain Names Now Allowed.
Up to 63 characters are now allowed in domain names.  Until recently, the regulations only allowed 26 characters.  Over 4 million domain names up to 26 characters have been registered to date.

Are There Any Advantages Of Longer Domain Names?

Many of the experts say yes.  Placing keywords right in your domain name can give your site a major boost on search engine positioning.  In other words, a keyword stuffed domain name can be used as a "doorway" page to boost additional traffic to a web site.  Placing strategic keyword phrases that were previously too long can now be registered.  Which means they can be placed directly in the path of the search engines.

The market right now is very hot and it is NOT too late to............. "Stake your claim in the coming eRush"

We found a "rule breaker"
that allows you to hold domain names that you think might fit your future plans at the best price on the market. They have no hidden costs and no scams ( and there are a lot of domain name registration scams out there!). It is probably a good idea to grab a few domain names as a future investment before they all go. Example: you register five domain names at $70.00 usd, good for 2 years and each additional year is $35.00 usd ). Sit on them and see what happens, that is being risk sensible. Lets say, a new trendy e-commerce extension is added or something new captures the market in web addresses, you have not lost your life savings if you change gears to stay with the trends. Remember the rule......"When the rules of the game change, everyone starts back at zero. Your past means nothing"

  Breaking News  

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    Breaking News
New Web Domains to be Created 
New Web Domains to be Created  WebPosted Wed Apr 19 18:36:34 2000 CBC News

NEW YORK - An Internet group is adding new domain names to the cyberspace world. and ".banc" may soon be joining the universal ".com", ".org" and ".net" domains. 

The Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit company chosen by the U.S. government to oversee the Internet address system. Its committee suggested a policy be drafted to better manage the creation of "generic
top level domain names." It says it would be easier to classify Web sites and make them less difficult to find. 

But the recommendation wasn't met with unanimous support.  Some companies say that new domains also mean more exposure to trademark infringement. 

The ICANN committee wants to introduce the domains gradually. It's hoping to minimize "cybersquatting," the illegal use of brand
names in online addresses. 

Web domain registrars praised the expansion, saying it not only made the market bigger for companies like them but would make it easier to navigate through the Web. 

Web domain name registrar Network Solutions Inc. backed the recommendation. It suggested the adoption of ".shop" and ".banc"
as new names. 

The company says the ".shop" domain would be open to anyone wishing to register a site, similar to the ".com" domain. It suggested that the registry for ".shop" could be a cooperative structure made up of any ICANN-accredited registrar no single registrar would have control over the registry. 

Network Solutions also proposed that the ".banc" domain would be for those in the banking industry, similar to the way that the
".edu" domain is limited to educational institutions. The registry would be controlled by nonprofit interests associated with the
worldwide banking industry. 

More Proposed Top Level Domain Names

ICANN will be meeting next year to debate further extensions that include:
.tv ( television)  .web ( global )  .biz ( business to business)  .firm ( non selling corporate)
.shop (etailers)  .store (etailers)  .norm (general)  .airlines (commercial airlines)
These new additions would open the door to niche markets.
No matter what, extensions will remain the "water front property" of this 
cyber real estate boom, as billions have already been spent on promotion.
The market right now is very hot and it is NOT too late to.............
"Stake your claim in the coming eRush"




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