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Internet Fraud

Beware Of On-Line Internet Frauds

At the FutureCents, there is absolutely no way that we can warn you about all of the Internet scams out there. Instead , here are a few helpful tips to avoid getting ripped off.

1) Domain registration web sites
BEWARE of being misled. We found several web sites that allow you to search through their computer search engines for available domain names. We ran our own domain name and found it was available to register. Funny thing eh? We have had it registered for months.

First we had to "one time" register for $49.00 and then go through the formal registration process of the $70.00 for two years through the InterNIC Registration Services database. We wonder how hard it would be to get our one time fee of $49.00 dollars back when someone finally broke the bad news to us? So we e-mailed them asking . . . guess what? They never responded back.

Bottom line is be careful. Most of the registration sites are pretty good, but some are misleading. We used a free service that only charged us the InterNIC fees. E Mail us if you want to know who we used. 
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2) Make sure the company has a physical address and phone number
Call the company back or check with directory assistance to confirm. Also check their address out by reverse directory Be cautious of "Fly By Night" operations.

3) Do not respond to bulk e-mails
Use caution if the offer uses LOTS OF CAPITAL LETTERS and punctuation. E-mails that shout are red flags for potential rip offs . . . such as " Do you want to make EASY MONEY, NO WORK, OTHER PEOPLE DO IT ALL FOR YOU, YOU CAN'T LOSE . . . BIG $$$$$$MONEY!!!!!!!!

4) Watch out for high pressure sales tactics
Criminals always want your money right now and they will pressure you to decide right now. Tricksters don't want to give you time to think about your decision. Remember . . . You control the deal, take your time, investigate thoroughly. You can always say NO for right now and have a fresh look another day.

5) Do not participate in pyramid schemes
They may ask you to send money to ten people, who each send money to ten other people and ten more, etc. The chances of you ever seeing any money are slim to none. It is also illegal. Stay away!

6) Always print a hard copy of any on-line offer
Ensure you have their URL, e mail address and other "tombstone" information. Make note of the date, time of the transaction. Keep this information on file just in case.

7) Look for strong guarantees
Ask for references of others that returned their product and received a refund. Do your homework, ask the company what will happen if you are not satisfied. See if they respond, see what they say. Make a hard copy of all contacts.

For More Details See Invest Wisely and Avoid Costly Mistakes

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How To Avoid Costly Mistakes
  The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese
It's All About Timing

The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese

It's all about timing! Learn from others. 
In other words, don't be too quick to bite at the cheese. 
You can apply this word of advice to all aspects of your personal and professional life.

What do we mean by all this? Well, in the sea of change, the question of timing is crucial. 
Being the first may have it's disadvantages. 

Think about all those businesses that rushed to be first to market and are now Out of Business. 

This is not to say, quick to market is not important. But, watch your competition. Learn from their successes and their mistakes. Let them make the costly mistakes and ride on their coat tails. No different than tucking in behind a big truck when you are riding a motorcycle. Let them blaze the trail, just keep your head up and watch out for the road kill.

Apply this to Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities?



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