Our Open Letter

Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Our Open Letter - The Start of the Your Future Consulting Process

FUTURECents.com   Charting Your Path

To get a sense of your matter, we asked you to answer four simple questions.
Depending on your answers, you may be able to uncover some very interesting future indicators.  Issues you may not have thought about before.  

The STAR Path Explained

1) Strategic
2) Tactical
3) Anticipating
4) Risk sensible

So what do we mean here? 

Firstly, we believe you need to be "Strategic.".  In other words,  you need to be looking at the "big picture", at the long term of what you do ( also called your vision or mission). 
We suggest you need to be planning your future now.  We believe that you must declare where you are going and focus your energies in that path. 

However, you we believe that you can not just live for tomorrow. You must also be "tactical."   That is taking action today in addition to planning. Tactics are the short and medium term actions that include first response, setting up inner and outer perimeters, prevention, problem solving and your process. 

At the same time, you must be "anticipating" the future trends, directions and paradigm shifts. We believe that you must be future sensing right now. Some people also call this continuous "assessing" and adjusting.

Finally, without taking risk, you will get nowhere in the future. But, you must be "risk sensible", risk smart, when you do move forward. We are talking about a risk path that has explored all the known "alligators" our there in the big pond of life.

We are now going to Introduce you to our STAR Points. 

The STAR Points have five principles and they follow the five points of a star in a clockwise direction.

Our STAR Points are a simple, practical, action orientated path of actions you can take.

We are going to ask you to apply these STAR Points to your responses.

But first, here is a quick overview of the STAR Points

1) Path
2) Process
3) Prevention
4) Proactive
5) People

STAR Points

First of all, TODAY, business or personal......

Path - What is your current business/direction/route?
Process - How are you getting there right now? Your systems and structures?
Prevention - What are you doing to prevent problems and lessen your risk exposure?
Proactive - What are you doing right now in addition to the basics?
People - What are you doing to motivate, coach, mentor, develop and lead your people?

TOMORROW for the future:

Path - Are you constantly stargazing for future trends/directions?
Process - Are you focusing on the means of getting you there?
Prevention - Are you anticipating tomorrow’s GAPS today, risk assessing smartly?
Proactive - Don’t wait for change; are you making change? You drive the bus!
People - Customer service will make or break you. You are only as good as the people around you. 
Are you building a team of "Future Sensors", both internally (your employees) and externally (your clients)?

Now we are going to ask you to roll up your sleeves and future sense your situation.
This is where you can deeply explore your situation and future gaze.  

Take the answers from our Questionnaire and apply the STAR Path and STAR Points.

Take your time, get away from the routine.
Now is the time to "Chart Your Path."

We have provided many of our examples to help get our points across. 

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  The Process
Our Step by Step Map

Our Step by Step Map



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