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We expose the one big lie that the internet lets the little guy indulge - it's the ego-stroking myth that "You, too can be a Big Fish"

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Exciting, Net Trends
Take a look at these out of the box sites......paradigm shifts in the making?
Imagine if this is today, what is in store for tomorrow?
  • Featuring the world's first virtual newscaster, Ananova.
    (Designed to be your personal assistant in the digital world - tracking down all the news and information you tell her it's vital to find)
  • High Tech Without High Touch - Adding the Human Touch!
  • Use Your Voice as a Password - With the click of your mouse, you can protect accidental or deliberate access to your important files and confidential data.  This technology allows the user to establish a unique digital voiceprint to encrypt and scramble your files.
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It is one thing to be open to new ideas; it's quite another to go on the offensive and actively seek out new ideas.  Venture off the beaten track and you'll improve your chances of recognizing future trends, opportunities and investments.

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