Northern Exposure

Outsiders Looking In

Northern Exposure

We are your outsiders looking in.
  • American Influenced
  • Canadian Flavored

Up here in Canada, we see the world just a little differently. And a change in scenery is sometimes healthy. Especially when it comes to anticipating Internet trends, and your money opportunities. 

Sometimes labeled a challenge function, we question those assumptions that others take for granted.

Northern Exposure is our dissection of the Net allowing you to think ahead at other possibilities.

The Future of the Internet?

We see the Internet as organized confusion.  
A dense network of connections, we define as Chaos.

If you want to anticipate where the Net and your money opportunities are going, here are few tips.

1. Accept the Chaos. 

2. Don't try to figure out this Chaos. Accept the confusion, let it occur. In other words, immerse yourself into the confusion.

3. To begin experiencing new thoughts, new opportunities, dump your old assumptions. Forget about the past. Forget about the old way of doing something. The old rules are not holding anymore. The Internet is proving this over and over again. 
Remember, when the rules of the game change, everyone starts back at zero. 
Your past means nothing.

4. Look for order within the chaos. What do we mean by order? Do you see any "repeated patterns", also called fractals?  
Can you find a trend or a site where they have taken the Chaos and packaged it into some type of structure? 
Bringing order to the Net is a future trend that we think makes sense.

5. Within the Chaos, find those ideas, those businesses that have translated the Internet Chaos into a work of art. 
We call this work of artů. your "strange attractor".

6. Find your strange attractor and you have a future winner. It is really not that hard, just remember, 
" If you're not confused, you're not thinking clearly".

Here are just some of our observations.  Movers and shakers that just might be that sleeping giant.

  • Customer Service. You have to earn your customer, your sale. This attitude that "build it and they will come", does not cut it anymore.




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