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   Helpful Tips
Shop Around
Investigate several lending sites for the best rates and terms.

Here is an Online Loan Worksheet to assist you in the number crunching to determine your best deal.

   Shop Around
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  Online Loans
Say Goodbye To Bricks and Mortar
The way of the future whether we like it our not.
Online financing will be growing exponentially in the near future.
According to Foster Research, Online Loan Registration was 482 Million in 1997 and is estimated to reach 167 Billion by 2003. 
Pencils will be sharpened and deals will be plenty.
It is just as matter of time before we are doing almost e-vrything online when it comes to borrowing money.
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Heads Up!
  • Best rates to good credit
  • Your Location ( USA ok! )
  • Brokers and Direct Lenders - there is a difference.
  • Bad Credit? Know Your History
  • Are they Registered with the Federal Insurance Corp?  
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  • Internet Security Take a Look at This!
  • Privacy Concerns
  Online Borrowing - How It Works
The Process
1) First step is to fill out the online application form.

2) Lender reviews credit and assesses financial worth.

3) Approval or denial of loan.

4) Hard copies of contract sent/couriered .

5) Verification of certain aspects may take place   ( submission of documents, phone calls, etc ).

- Agent representing several lenders  They are not your lender.
They do not forward your payments to the lender.

Direct Lenders
- Single financial institute.
Offers you the loan directly.




  Why It Makes Sense
Lower overhead
Lower interest rates
World wide competition
Shopping for the best rates
Open 24/7 Shop on your terms
Speed ( less time waiting )
Less hassle
Pre-Approval option.
Less embarrassment if refused

   Future Directions
Our radar suggests the future will steer towards the integration of online purchasing and financing for that single item without ever leaving the net. Find that investment now and get a jump start on the pack.

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