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Pay Phone Investment Scam

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Too Good To Be True - Pay Phone Investment Scam

Our client was in the final stages of investing $10,000.00 into a private pay telephone investment scheme. Every possible angle was explored and examined by the client. He noticed a few "red flags" that raised his suspicions and decided to invest in our services before he took the plunge.

Luckily, we were able to advise him that he was about to get scammed....totally and completely ripped off. We got lucky on this case and the moral of this example goes much deeper. 

There is nobody out there that can guarantee you absolute or one hundred percent safety in investment schemes. But, what is amazing are the amount of "red flags" that we can pick up, because we are "outsiders". Not being emotionally or physically attached to the person or deal, our independence allows us to be that 'challenge function". Red flags come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is subtle, just the way the deal is presented or just when the background story just doesn't seem right. Other times, red flags are glaring. High risk for low or no return. 

The whole area of life Risk Management has inspired us to begin development on an independent website called RiskSENSE.com ( currently a separate page on this web site called "Risk Sense" )  This service systematically help the consumer review their risk exposure,set up risk alerts and chart their risk path in a simple, but overarching framework.

Our teachings to our client were simple.......Mahatma Gandhi said there are seven things that can destroy us. 

One of them is Wealth Without Work

This basically falls back to the principle of getting something for nothing. So much of business is formed around making wealth without working or "get rich quick schemes". Fraudulent and corruption is running ramped in some circles and these distorted notions are almost accepted without question. Quite simply, manipulating markets and assets so you don't have to work is a deadly sin that violates our natural principles and laws.

We provided our client with a "tool kit", no, a Treasure Chest of things to watch out for.

We have capsulated our message in two words..... " Assume Nothing".

With this approach, at least our innovative client can still explore his future, but with sense of balanced caution.

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