Future Path

Based on the the four letters of the word STAR, the principle sets out your Future Path.

Risk sensible

  • Strategic - Focusing on the long term.
  • Tactical - Action you can take now and in the near future.
  • Anticipating - Sensing the future trends and shifts. We call this STAR Gazing.
  • Risk Sensible - Risk management. So you don't become a Falling STAR.
  Your Lighthouse

Benefits of thinking STAR!

  • It is a navigational beacon.
  • It points you towards a future direction, your path, your "true north".
  • It becomes your anchor from which you can start and chart your future.  
  • It's your lighthouse.

  • STAR is easy to remember during those "tough" moments of choice.  

You see in the turbulent times ahead, you will need a course, a direction to focus and keep you on track.
Changes are going to be the norm and the new saying........ " If it isn't broken, break it" will be the rule.

The STAR Path is your anchor. Once you are anchored, then you can chart, anticipate and sense your future.   

Star Path in Action

  STAR Path
Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Not only do we offer you an "Outsider" viewpoint of what you do, we provide you with a Free, exciting "future sensing" tool kit that you can apply to any situation.

Business or Personal...... We move you from just problem solving to Recognizing Future Opportunities with our complete package.

Charting Your Future STAR - 
  • A comprehensive, yet easy to use Process that will help you chart your future.   
  • It includes a step by step sensible path of actions you can take to create your future. 
    Learn how to "walk the future talk".
  • Introducing the STAR Points that become the foundation for  "Moving Forward" in your business or personal life.
  • We help you find your STAR from which to navigate into the future.
  • We will teach you how to Star Gaze and watch for Falling Stars.
  • The STAR Path is a practical framework for anyone, any business to use. Inspired from the success and direction of leading Businesses and Institutions.
  • Your "Secret Weapon" for future cents
  • Best of all it's FREE.  No strings attached.  Nothing to fill out, nothing to register.
    ( Why would we do this? )
  Breaking News  
STAR Points

STAR Points Within the Star Path, we have taken the five points of the Star and made them into guiding points. ( See a portion of Our Open Letter expanding on the STAR Points )

  • Utilizing the five points of the STAR, our framework digs deep into Future Sensing.
  • You are taken through a step by step, sensible path of actions you can take now by using these guiding points.
  • This is where the rubber meets the road.
  • We teach you how to Recognize Future Opportunities.   
  • We ask those "tough" questions and get you to ask them also.

We call this our "Secret Weapon". Really, it's your secret weapon, we are just helping you unleash it. Our goal is to give you that that Competitive Edge in life.  

Your business or personal path is all based on handling today's issues and preparing for tomorrow.
We help you develop your future STAR Path though our easy, step by step, STAR Path.
Having a STAR to take you into the future is essential for success. It helps you focus. Gives you daily focus on your direction.

   Future Edge

STAR Gazing

 A Couple of Reasons Why the STAR Path Makes Sense.

Star Gazing The words alone gets you to think out of your box
In addition to focused, you must always be "Star Gazing". In other words, always searching for potential paradigm shifts, future trends or directions you may want to go.
When you Star Gaze, you basically " let go". You search, you wander, you dream and you 
Look Up - Look Forward!.

Our STAR Path is a model, a framework, a tool kit that provides you with the tools to Star Gaze. And as you begin looking, you will begin to recognize opportunities. Opportunities that may be the beginning of your future path.

Falling STARS   
We will also teach you how to future sense "Falling STARS."  Those are people, businesses and National icons that missed the paradigm shifts. The rules of the game changed, but they didn't.   
And when the rules of the game change, everybody starts back at the beginning ( the starting line). 

We will show you how to avoid becoming a "falling star".

We will teach you the leadership principle of "Catching a Falling Star". 
This is salvaging, motivating or revitalizing that Star employee that has lost interest and you may lose to the competition or something else.

The STAR Path is a framework, a model to help you focus into the future!

Examples of the Star Path in Action



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