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On Sale: Buy a Chunk of Canada!

Everyone knows that the tech stocks have rebounded (not the junk, though).  As many of the quality tech stocks are again trading near their 52 week highs it's time for investors to look for other opportunities. A starting point is resource based stocks. Although generally cyclical in nature, some value is available right now on these Canadian stocks (traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange).

52 week                             High                                Low                         June 21, 2000

Noranda (NOR)                    $22.30                             $13.90                     $14.60
-a diversified, international mining company; profitable and pays a whopping
dividend yield of 5.43%

Inco (N)                             $36.65                             $21.50                     $21.80
-world's largest nickel company

Cominco (CLT)                     $33.00                             $18.00                     $21.35
-world's largest zinc producer

Teck (TEK.B)                       $17.30                             $8.50                       $10.00
-diversified mining and metals company-will soon own 49% of Cominco

Eldorado Gold Corp.(ELD)        $ 1.62                              $ .53                       $ .75
-profitable international gold producer

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