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  What's Ahead - Future Gazing Tactics
Exciting, Net Tactics that You Can Do Now
Take a look at these out of the box sites......paradigm shifts in the making?
Imagine if this is today, what is in store for tomorrow?
  • Web Based Free Email Services ( Voice Mail. Paging, Fax, Email Forwarding)
    Look no further, this site offers a list of over a 1000 Free services and helpful comments.

  • Free Internet Access.  If you are willing to put up with permanent advertising banners,
    here is a list of all the Free services broken down by country.

  • Subsidized Internet access is also exploding online.  Here is an example of a Online Trading  site that offers Free Internet access if you keep a $2000 minimum balance.

  • MP3  Turning Online and sharing music over the Internet is hot.  While the Industry battles over copyright issues, this current trend just gets better.  Here are a few sites to find out more: is a completely new way of thinking about music online. application that takes the hassle out of searching for MP3s. No more broken links, no more slow downloads, and no more busy, disorganized FTP sites. With Napster, you can locate and download your favorite music in MP3 format from one convenient, easy-to-use interface.

  • Content Filtering  Here are some automated tools to keep children away from the nasty side of the net.    
         - This site has thousands of links to sites that have been handpicked by content editors. Your kids will surf safely and happily!
  • Internet Appliances are coming - Here are a few "rule breakers" today that are shaping tomorrow's direction. offers e-mail and Internet access in a simple, fun to use Internet appliance for $99.  


  Our Crystal Ball
Endless Possibilities
Our Crystal Ball.....Endless Possibilities 
  • Beyond Wireless  Net-Integration, Net-Convergence, Net-Interoperability.
  • Biometrics  Using measurable physiological and/or behavioral characteristics to verify the identify of an individual.  No more passwords or personal identification numbers.
  • Outsourcing Using the Internet   Say Goodbye to the Sacred Cows. 
    Outsourcing Web Based Applications is the future!
  Future Strategies
Things to Watch

Watch These Trends

  • T-Commerce  Get ready for T-commerce.  It stands for "television commerce." It's the marriage of your PC and TV to create an interactive television experience.  Interactive TV (ITV) and T-Commerce will use a set-top box on top of your TV that allows you to: 
    - Download videos on demand 
    - Click to Web pages to find out more information on news or celebrities you see 
    - Directly purchase the items you see on TV through the push of a button 

  • Vortals  The next trend to grow out of Web Portals.  Web Vortals are all about targeting specific markets.  Vortals offer one-to-one marketing, targeted content and targeted solutions  Here is a e-Commerce site that specializes in Vortal development.

  • Digimarc (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the leading provider of patented digital watermarking technologies that allow imperceptible digital code to be embedded in media content regardless of whether the content is distributed in analog or digital format. Using its proprietary technology, Digimarc has created the MediaBridge system--a fundamentally new way to access the Internet. The MediaBridge system allows printed materials, such as magazine advertisements, to become direct portals to relevant destinations on the Internet. The digital data embedded in the printed materials creates a bridge between traditional and online media through image capture devices like PC cameras and scanners that are connected to personal computers and other Internet-enabled digital devices. Digimarc also provides anti-counterfeiting solutions to the world's leading central banks and image commerce technologies to leading stock photo agencies and major corporations. 


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