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  The Edge - Real Time, Static and Delayed Quotes
Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities
The Edge - Real Time Quotes
  • If you're currently holding stocks and you're thinking of flipping them in the next hours, days, weeks, or months, keep reading.
  • You need Real Time Quotes to help you make your tactically sound decision. 
  • Our thoughts on Online Delayed Quotes.
    In this section we are talking about getting the "Edge". Delayed quotations, in our humble view, are for information and mid to long term planning only. It is not strategic, tactical, anticipatory or risk sensible to rely on delayed quotes for stock trading. Don't get us wrong, tracking your stocks and investments is an excellent background investigative technique. We are now talking about the next step.
  • Keeping a sharp eye on your investment performance makes cents. It has never been so effortless - or paperless.
  • Your options in include:
    1) Free Static Real Time Quotes 

    2) Full Service Broker Quotes ( Our Broker )

    3) Streaming, Real Time Charted Quotes  

    Your greatest challenge is trying to figure out which service has the least amount of data stream back up or quote problems. This is a real issue right now and as millions more are expected to jump online. with many of them trading stocks, the challenge continues to find the best trackers on the web.  DepotDogs.com offers Real-time Quote polls and feedback on the top Real-time Streaming services.

Options - Free Real-Time Streaming Portfolio Trackers

  • Quote.com is one of the leaders in terms of the quality and speed of its quotes, and its QCharts clearly has the best interface on the market.
  • Datek  Not quite ready to open an account? Fill out our short registration form and
    get Datek Online's Streamer for free. View continuously updating, real-time quotes.
    Save your stock lists and set alerts. Customize your own views.
    It's unlimited and FREE!
  • Money.net  FREE Real-Time Streaming Portfolio Tracker.  Free email @money.net (web based: retrieve and send from any computer with internet access)
    FREE unlimited real-time stock quotes.  Local weather.  Many other exciting new features being offered all the time.  The web's first free live interactive REAL TIME PORTFOLIO with many customizable features.

    Our Future Sense on the matter..... 
    Real Time Streaming Quotes Services are the way to go!....
    We'll Tell You Why! 
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  Static Real Time Quotes
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Free Static Real Time Quotes
  • Static Real Time Quotes from Free Online websites are great buy, but......you have to refresh your page every time you want a new quote. Depending on your computer speed and the server demand, the process may be slowed down.  
  • By the time you get your order ready for the online broker to process, the price may have changed.
  • A single, real time click does not tell you what the stock has been doing a few moments before.
  • Single real time click quotes do not give you the trends and averages. All it gives you is a number. With a single quote, how can you "future sense", predict the trend of the stock's move before you buy or sell it?
  • If your depend on buying or selling large quantity of shares of stock, timing is everything. It can be worth a huge amount of your money either way you go.

    Our Future Sense on the matter..... 
    If you rely on Static Real Time Quotes,
    not only must your online broker be reliable, they better practice Fast Order Execution and Fast Order Confirmation!

    Here is a website that has the results of a survey of broker speeds. This should give you an idea of which broker offers the fastest online services. 
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  Delayed Quotes
Free and Plentiful 

Delayed Quotes

  • Most financial web sites offer free stock quotes on a delay of 15 to 20 minutes.  This is a good deal if you are not planning an immediate trade or you're just doing research.

  • If you are willing to put up with advertising and registering, some sites will provide you with free static real time quotes.  The issue here is usually you must provide personal information about yourself during the registration process.  

  • Be Careful Who You Register With!  We are still getting spammed as a result of our online registration with a number of financial web sites.

    Are you interested in getting the inside scoop before the rest of the planet? This service not only gives you time delayed quotes, they will alert you when new information is discovered (all for free )!



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