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The Canadian Intellectual Property Office is responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of Intellectual Property in Canada.










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Is Your Domain Name Safe?
  • Does this domain name conflict with a U.S. or Canadian trademark?
  • Your Domain Name is your Internet identity. Make sure that it is unique and secure. 
  • Registering your Domain Name does not guarantee that the name will be free of trademark conflicts. 
  • If your Domain Name matches a registered trademark, the owner of that trademark has the power to take the Domain Name away from you. 
  • Donít let this happen to your business. 
  • Be smart in establishing your web identity. 

    Perform a trademark search and dominate the playing field to make your business flourish
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Full Research Services
You can also PAY for Full Research Services that include creating, registering and protecting intellectual property rights.  

Comprehensive Clearance Searches Include:

Basic U.S. Full Availability
(US Fed, State, and basic Common Law)

Extensive U.S. Full Availability
(US Fed, State, and extensive Common Law)

Extensive US and Canadian Full Availability (US Fed, State and Extensive Common Law; Canadian Registered Trademarks and Common Law)

Our Recommendation: assists entrepreneurs and businesses by searching and registering their trademark rights. Without trademark protection your domain name, company name and product names could be at risk. Protect your business identity as a trademark.†

  Search Your Domain Against Against U.S. and Canadian Registered Trademarks
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This online search by is often offered to customers registering or hosting new domain names. Does your domain name conflict with a registered trademark?

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