Turning a Negative into a Positive

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Turning a Negative into a Positive

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Turning a Negative into a Positive

This is a simple concept, but widely overlooked in the eyes of the beholder.

Many of our clients have been unsuccessful in a job application, promotional examination, formal interview process or business venture ( loans, downsizing, squeezed out of the market because the rules of the game changed and they didn't. )

They walk away from the situation feeling dejected, unworthy or just down right "in the dumps".
FutureCents recognizes that life is full of "peaks and valleys" and has suggested to their clients that they turn their Negative into a Positive.

Instead of denying or downplay your deficiency or problem, build from it. Work on the deficiency, daily. Build up those areas that were identified by the Interview Board, Bank or Deciding Group. The key here is to identify those core competencies that you have to build on, develop a long range plan to work on them and then "just do it" ( that is being Tactical )

With the preparation, your confidence comes. When our clients went back for the re-interview, exam or promotional process they didn't talk about their past failure....THEY SHOUTED IT!. "Yes, I was unsuccessful last time and here is what I have done to better myself, to sensitize myself, to prepare myself" You know what.....the majority made it! They captured their dream on the rebound. In fact, many of them are much further ahead now because of their "reality check."

There is something about being human.....something about not being perfect......something about being honest and sharing your growth with people. We pick up from our mistakes, learn, grow and move forward. During the decision making process, that's the type of people that are wanted.

They want flexible, adaptable, forward thinking people. Employers/Corporations/Governments want to invest in the human commodity that have the driving spirit to re-load, re-assess, future sense regardless of the task at hand.    

So the FUTURECents message here is simple.......You can turn a Negative into a Positive. It just requires a change of Mindset.




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