Watch Dog
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The FUTURECents Watch Dog ensures our advertisers, sponsors, highlighted web sites and links are adhering to the established core values, principles and privacy standards. There is nothing binding or in law to hold these businesses to these expectations of However, our message to the consumer is that we will not be sold out to the highest bidder.

In addition to our ongoing investigations on the sites we promote, we invite the consumer to use our online mechanism for reporting violations. We call this our Watch Dog program.
Our advertisers, sponsors, links and highlighted web sites are hand picked to be celebrated on our site.  
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Our expectations are outlined in our Core Values.

Our investigations are conducted by a multitude of online and physical security techniques. We do this because it is our reputation at stake. Plus, it is just our corporate passion to ensure the consumer is not scammed.

However, the end user, the consumer is our BEST Watch Dog. Your observations and transactions with these businesses is where the "rubber meets the road".

We invite you to report any violations of core values and principles by sites hosted on We will follow up on all complaints quickly, thoroughly and fairly. If the complaint is substantiated, we will work with the complainant and the member business for a desired resolution. Ultimately, if the member business is not living the expected core values and principles, we will remove them from our site. This is just good business practice. See our Legal section for more details of our liability.

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