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E-commerce Future

   Customer Service
In the future, you'll have to earn the customer.

This attitude that "build it and they will come", will not cut it anymore.

That "little extra" will become "a lot extra"
   Canuck Bucks
Canadian Online Business Has Never Been Better.

70 Billion USD in Canadian E-commerce by 2003.

How Can You Capitalize on the Great White North?





Smart Moves
Global internet spending reached $111 billion in 1999 and is estimated to rise as high as $7.2 trillion by the year 2004.
Whether your are a small business person or a e-ntrepreneur, it's not too late to take a plunge into the new millennium and become a player in the next global revolution.
Beyond Wireless - M-commerce (Mobile Commerce)
The Next Big New Wave Thanks to Web Enabled Cell Phones
  The Next Real Estate Boom
Domain Names - It's Not Too Late

Domain Names  With over 270,500 domain names disappearing every week, you need to act quickly to secure your domain name. You must register your domain name now, before it's gone.†

FREE Trademark Searches  ( This is a real deal )

Secure a top-selling brand using the right strategies of trademark search

Domain Name Regulations Change 
(Longer domain names now allowed)

Wholesale Domain Names

Making Cents on the U.S. Stock Market Without a Single Trade  
Investing in a Domain Name that Challenged a Basic Assumption.

  Tactics and Strategies
Tactics - Things You Can Do Now!
Banner Tactics - Trends and Future E-commerce Technology
Making Cents in the New Economy

Strategies - Things To Watch
High Tech Without High Touch - Adding the Human Touch!
The Rules Havenít Changed, Just the Way You Play Game Has
T-commerce  It's the marriage of your PC and TV to create an interactive television experience. 

  Bigger Bang for the Buck

Shop Online Using the Devalued Canadian Dollar
(Save up to 33%)

The Canadian dollar is at an all time low

The US dollar equivalent is approximately 33% less.

Look for Online stores from Canada that have kept their prices in Canadian dollars.

Outsourcing Using the Internet 

Say Goodbye to the Sacred Cows.

Outsourcing Web Based Applications is the future!

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