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  Web Storefronts - The Results
Free Web Storefronts - Vstore Example
Free Web Storefronts - Vstore

Our Future Sense on the matter..... Is it worth it?    You Decide!  
We get paid between 10 to 25% for sales that we drive.

With Vstore.com, you can build a personally branded, fully stocked, online store in minutes.  Vstore.com provides the products, design, marketing tools, and technology all free.  All you have to do is customize the store and bring in traffic.

Other Benefits

You are providing a customer service through a E-commerce network.  You are also getting Brand Recognition because your business name is promoted on the free site.  Also, the customer enjoys the shopping experience on a co-branded storefront with ease and the power to "click out" anytime they want.

Again, does this make cents?  Depends on what you consider an investment? 
If it's big money, probably you're not going to make it this way.
If it's customer service, convenience and building your brand recognition, we think it makes big sense.  




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