Domain Names - Paying Too Much

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Domain Names - Paying Too Much

A great future investment is securing your Domain Name now. ( Actually, you may want to consider securing a few names ) 

There are a lot of variances in Cost and Options currently online. You should be aware that you can easily run into problems and unnecessary costs once you give your credit card number to secure a domain name depending on what online website you use.

What to Watch Out For: 

When using their search engine, you are told the name you want is available to register. When the reality is that the name may already be registered to someone else and their search engine is not current. ( We have found many sites like this-Watch Out! ). You don't find this out until AFTER you have already submitted membership or additional handling fees that are non-refundable.

You may be paying additional handling costs/membership fees, in addition to mandatory interNIC fees. The best price to register the extensions (.com .net .org ) is USD$70/2 years, $35 each 1 year after as of April 02, 1999  Click Here for More Changes

When you move your domain name to another host site, you get a whole bunch of hassle.
Here are some other "alligators" that may jump out at you.
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Wholesale Domain Name Registration

Wholesale Domain Name Registration
$10.00 US per year

Recently, OpenSRS (Open Shared Registration System) was introduced.

OpenSRS is a cooperative SLD (second level domain name) registration service for the .com, .net and .org extensions managed by Inc.

It is a completely open system that has been designed to allow domain name resellers that are not ICANN or NSI affiliated to register domain names at wholesale rates.

OpenSRS is founded on the principle that access to the community domain name registry should be open to as many people as possible. It is a public resource that should be managed open and accessible to all.

OpenSRS is designed for the Internet Service Providers, Web Hosting companies, etc., who process registrations for end users/organizations as part of their solution offering.

OpenSRS is NOT for end users, or anyone who registers fewer than 25 domains a year.

How Does This Help the End User?

Well, if wholesale cost for the domain name is $10.00 US per year, then it comes down to the finding the best Online deal for domain name resale. 

Here is what we found for deals. 
Please check back with us regularly.  We are NOT fully satisfied that Second Level Domain Name registration is fully safe, guaranteed and as smooth as   We have not proven a track record yet.  
We are testing several registration sites to see if they practice the integrity necessary to be highlighted on our site.  

We have highlighted Domain as our Second Level Domain Name registration service because they are a division of, Inc. has been around since 1997 and has an excellent reputation, plus they have a big stake in the entire OpenSRS program.

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