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Golden Capital Securities Ltd. is an independent, employee-owned Vancouver-based brokerage firm providing a comprehensive array of financial services to corporate and individual clients.
As well as providing investment advice, the firm specializes in trading for experienced and aggressive investors. In addition to our stock and bond business, we are traders in futures, currencies and options contracts. Golden is also a government securities dealer for the Bank of Canada.

Golden Capital's aim is to fill a void in the financial services sector. The industry is now dominated by the bank-owned firms and large independents, with headquarters in central Canada. Golden Capital's founding philosophy is that the needs of individuals and small corporations in a vibrant regional economy are better served by a financial institution that is sensitive to local conditions. Because it is smaller than its eastern-based competitors, Golden can respond creatively and quickly to serve a regional clientele.

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Specializing in emerging biotechnology and high-technology companies, US equities, micro cap tech stocks and commodities.

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