Making Cents on the U.S. Stock Market Without a Single Trade

Challenging Assumptions

Making Cents on the U.S. Stock Market Without a Single Trade

Wealth opportunities are everywhere. Sometimes you just have to challenge basic assumptions.

During the summer of 1999, an Internet news story outlined how the U.S. Stock Market was contemplating decimal pricing in their stock quotes. Instead of fractions, their quotes would be in pennies, or cents. This article detailed the potential pros and cons of decimalization and the standardization with foreign markets. It was this standardization that inspired us to begin STAR Gazing about institutional blindness and potential future opportunities.

We had always wondered why the U.S.A. was holding out from embracing the metric system. For most of the world, fractions have been a thing of the past. Then we had a sudden flash. Maybe we could find an investment domain name with the word "Cents" attached to it.  Well, our search started and the field was wide open for names.  It didn't take long to find exactly what we were looking for, An Internet business name that clearly stated "anticipating opportunities for your money". 

Here is where the story gets interesting. Shortly after securing this domain name, we sent it in for a professional appraisal. All of us were sure we had a winner. Boy were we rudely awakened with the results. The American appraisal company we contracted did not like the word "Cents" whatsoever as an attachment. They sent us a scathing report highlighting that the word "Cents" had no marketability, no utility, no desirability, no relevance to E-commerce, thus no value. They very nicely took our money and sent us a T-shirt for our patronage. 

Well, some would have seen this as a setback.  When in fact, this actually inspired us to develop into first class web site - A Common Cents Internet Guide to Investing.  In the back of our minds, we were anticipating that maybe one day the U.S. Stock Market might change the way it quoted prices. And maybe one day, our domain name might have some potentiality and relativity. Well, that day has finally come.

As of the fall of 2000, investors will have to adjust to a big change in the U.S. stock market - decimal pricing. In other words, no more fractions. Under the old system, a stock might be quoted as 10 7/8. With decimalization, it will be 10.85. Every investor will now be talking and thinking "cents" during every trade. It may have a trivial impact on the "bid-ask", but it has a huge impact on the brand recognition and ultimately the value of the domain name. We may be only talking pennies, but the whole name of the stock market game is now about making future cents.

Lesson Learned

The writing was on the wall for the Stock Market change. we saw it, so did many others. The domain name investment made good sense. And even when the "so called" experts called us wrong, we challenged their assumptions and bounced back.

You too can recognize future investments, future money tactics before the rest.

All that is required is to do your homework, take care and challenge the obvious. 
Remember the rules of the game are changing! provides hundreds of articles, examples and links that are future predictors of Internet trends and money opportunities

As you search around our site, you will see many paradigm shifts in the making. We like to call them "rule breakers." They have challenged the current rules and are strong indicators of where the future is going. 

Pay attention to what they are doing. By forecasting the future before the rest, you have the tools to take action and significantly increase your money opportunities.




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