Online Brokers

Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Online Brokers
Reduced Commissions and Fees, Instant Access to Your Account and the Digital Convenience offered by today's technology, makes future sense. Finding the right combination depends on your needs and risk sense.

Factors To Consider Before You Go Online
  • Are you hesitant to make financial decisions without custom designed expert advice?
  • Do you have the time and are you comfortable with obtaining your investment advice through your own research. ( We can point you in the right direction )
    Online Brokerages will not call you with that Hot investment tip.  
  • You want a reliable online broker with fast order execution and fast order redundant confirmation systems. If you are a day trader, this is crucial.
  • Commissions and Fees vary greatly. 
    - There may be a set up cost. 
    - There may be an investment minimum.  
    - Some charge an annual account fee. 
    - Some hit you with Penalty fees if you withdraw your funds early.
    - Watch for handling fees and restrictions on the advertised "good deals"....there is probably a catch!
    - Watch our for additional costs for telephone transactions (if they offer telephone transactions at all).
    - Finally, If its too good to be true, its probably not true. Read the fine print.

Ten Things Your Online Broker Won't Tell You


  • $4.00 a Trade - LowTrades.Com, a division of SuccessTrade Securities Inc. can offer this amazing price of only $4.00 commission (market or limit) because they feel we don't have to offer all the research in order to earn your business. There are already hundreds of sites on the Internet specifically dedicated to in-depth research and analysis. They do not charge you for research when the only thing you want is a fast, reliable trading platform.  

 Stock Market Games

Investment Education - Simulated Trading

Learn Online Investing Without Costing You a Dime!
  • eTrade game  - Start with $100,000 of play money.  
  • Yahoo  - Offering cash prizes to those who can accumulate the largest returns on $100,000 of virtual money in a month.




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