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  If Its Too Good To Be True, its Not True
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If Its Too Good To Be True, Its Not True

Expect something to go "sideways" on you!

If Its Too Good To Be True, Its Not True
Always start by treating everything as the worst case scenario. Expect something to go "sideways" on you.

A pretty bold statement. But this is one of those FUTURECents principles that you may want to pay attention to.

You see............the world is full of scams, hype and tricks. We've seen many of them and there are many more being schemed up daily by a multitude of interesting characters. These scams come in all shapes and sizes and some of them just seem ....."so sweet". They are so tempting and they seem so real and legitimate. The problem is ....you want to believe it because you figure your "ship has come in".

Here is our rule of thumb: "If you play with fire, you're going to get burned"

Trust nothing on it's face value. Yes, this is sad to say, but really all you are doing is investigating deeper by taking this approach. Again, good deals are usually only good for the "other guy".

So our message is simple, but powerful: nobody gives something away for nothing or a loss......there has to be a reason why you are getting a deal. You got to ask yourself....why me?

Why am I getting this unbelievable deal? Chances are, you're not getting any deal. In fact, most probably you are getting ripped, tricked scammed or at the very least....taking a Big Risk.

At the FutureCents, we believe if you practice our principle, you can greatly minimize your risk exposure to any type of scam or fraud.

So what do you do? Easy!

1) Trust nothing. If It's Too Good To Be True...It's not True.
You can't go wrong with this approach. And if you are wrong...well you have practiced a principle that will serve you well the next time ( and there will be a next time).

2) Take your time..... Guaranteed there is going to be a sense of urgency on the deal. You name it, they will try everything they can to pressure you into it. Or, you will put that false sense of urgency on yourself by not wanting to lose the deal. It is very tough to say ... >>>Slow Down<<<, but much smarter in the long run because you catch your breath and look at the situation with fresh eyes.

3) It is easy to Say No.......Let Me Investigate This and Get Back to You.
Now you have control. Check out the deal more thoroughly when you have time. Talk to others.
Remember.....Pressure is the name of their game. You control the situation, not them.

4) Finally, just ask yourself.....What am I prepared to accept as a loss. In other words, expect you are going to get ripped and decide if the loss, the risk is acceptable to you. If your not prepared....don't do it.

At FUTURECents, we believe in the principle that treating everything at first as the "worst case scenario". After you determine the situation is not as bad, you can always relax your position.

Again, a little proactive precaution can save you a major headache down the road. At FutureCents, we detail the Risking Out process and how to determine what is your "high" risks and your "low risks"

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