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Biometrics - Using measurable physiological and/or behavioral characteristics to verify the identify of an individual.  No more passwords or personal identification numbers.

  • Biometric Tactics - Here is a biometric signature verification product that is available. No more passwords or personal identification numbers. Right now you still need special hardware to capture the signatures.  CyberSign.com

  • Use Your Voice as a Password - With the click of your mouse, you can protect accidental or deliberate access to your important files and confidential data.  This technology allows the user to establish a unique digital voiceprint to encrypt and scramble your files.

  • Fingerprint Verification - This system uses fingerprint recognition instead of passwords.  
    The secure scanner keyboard has a fingerprint reader built into the unit.

  • One Touch Identification - Reads your fingerprint from a mouselike device.  The sensor has USB port capability.

  • Facial Recognition - This emerging technique uses face and finger recognition. Through
    an inexpensive video camera and finger reader attached to a userís computer, access can be protected.



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