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  Strategic Stock Choice
Global Crossing 
A trillion dollar possibility? 

Global Crossing is trying to become the largest provider of broadband communication services in the world through building a global fiber optic network.

- Americans, if you want to get piece of a solid Canadian Bank and a major interest of Global Crossing (NASDAQ: GBLX), take a look at investing in CIBC shares.  
Take advantage of the devalued Canadian Dollar.

- Canadians, take a look at investing in CIBC shares, you can get a piece of Global Crossing using Canadian Dollars. 

On Sale: Buy a Chunk of Canada! - Everyone knows that the tech stocks have rebounded. As many of the quality tech stocks are again trading near their 52 week highs it's time for investors to look for other opportunities. A starting point is resource based stocks.
Here are five of Canada's top resource stocks.















  Bigger Bang For Your Buck
Shop in Canadian - Save Up to 33%
You Do the Math...
  • The Canadian dollar is at an all time low
  • Purchasing from Online businesses that sell in Canadian dollars means your credit card is billed in Canadian currency
  • American customers do not pay any Canadian sales tax on sales to the USA
  • Reasonable shipping charges and turnaround times
  • Many items have no USA import duty
  • Some Online Canadian businesses offer exclusive delivery service that eliminates all brokerage fees to the USA

American Customers

Look for Online stores from Canada that have kept their prices in Canadian dollars.

With the low price of the Canadian dollar in relation to the US dollar, you can save money by buying from Canada via the Net.

How Much?
The US dollar equivalent is approximately 33% less.

What does this mean to you? 
Purchase a $100.00 item from an Online store that charges in Canadian currency and pay approximately on $66.00 USD.

  Breaking News  
Canuck Bucks
Canadian Online Business Has Never Been Better

A Sleeping Giant?  - An expected 70 Billion USD in Canadian E-commerce by 2003

How Can You Capitalize on the Great White North?
  • Canadian shoppers are a patriotic bunch.  
    They actively look for Canadian merchants first when shopping Online.  There are a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is the devalued Canadian dollar.  The US dollars costs almost $1.50 Canadian. ( That's 50% more ) This is enough reason alone for Canadians to try and purchase in Canadian currency.  

    Tip #1   Canadians Actively Look For Canadian Merchants First.  
    If you are based outside of Canada, you may wish to set up shop in Canada.  Or, form a strategic alliance with a Canadian based Online merchant.  Remember, shopping in US currency is approximately fifty percent more.  We would suggest this is a major sting to the Canadian pocket book and good reason why they will try to avoid US currency whenever possible.

  • So how do you attract the Canuck Bucks?  
    Innovative and creative discounts and special offers will go a long way.  You could consider free shipping or special Canadian discounts.  Offering prices in both Canadian and American dollars is another option ( Don't forget Canadians also pay a premium exchange fee from their Canadian credit card company... a double whammy!).  

    Tip #2   Offer Innovative and Creative Discounts to Canadian Shoppers.  Offer prices in both Canadian and US currency.

  • If you do ship to Canada, check out the Brokerage Fees that your Canadian customer may have to pay.  Depending on the method of delivery, your customer may get hammered even harder for border processing fees.  As an additional service, you could pre-determine if your Canadian customers were subject to any Canadian Duty charges also.

    Tip #3   Check Out Brokerage Fees Within Canadian Borders.  Consider pre-determining Duty costs.

  • Pay attention to Canadian trend setting E-commerce Web sites.  Canadians are a pretty competitive bunch.  Shadowed by their giant neighbor to the south, Canadian sites are working harder for that e-dollar.  As a result, they are blazing the trail across the Web.

    Tip #4    Check Out Canada Shopping for trend setting Web Sites.





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