Online Banking
Twelve Fold Increase in Online Banking Services Projected

The face of the banking industry will continue to change with the emergence of the Internet.
Here is a site that is dedicated to electronic banking 
   Bill Paying
Online Bill Paying Services

Your Online Bank may provide this service as part of your package.


Paytrust puts all your bills online. No more bills in your mailbox, no more checks to write, no more bills to mail!
   Tax Planning
Prepare Your Return Online

Free Information and Online Versions of Tax Programs.

Here are just a few ideas! 

  Money Tactics
Wealth Management
Wealth management is not just about the stock market or being a web entrepreneur.  Just as important is managing your personal finances.
Now, thanks to the Net, you don't have to hire an expert consultant.  The Net is full of money tactics, personal finance sites and money management portals.
Not only will the net save time and money, It will put you in charge.......Knowledge Is Power.
  Tactics and Strategies 
Tactics - Things You Can Do Now!
Set up an Internet Bank Account
Apply for an Internet Only Credit Card 
(You don't need to set up a bank account)  New-Zero Liability Internet Policy
Consider a Pocket Card - The Smart Way to Carry Money
Find the Best Loan Rate
Buy Savings Bonds Over the Net Using Your Credit Card
FUTURECents Freelance Marketplace is for independent contractors who can work remotely on projects such as programming, web design, writing, translation or marketing.
  Tactics and Strategies 
Strategies - Things To Watch
Internet Banking to grow exponentially
The future will bring us seamless links and integration within the financial giants.  How objective will they really be?  

Will "real person" service re-emerge?

Security - Privacy issues.  As we become more dependant on the Net, are we really protecting our assets?

Planning for your future.

Reach Your Goals with the help of


   Job Hunting
The Latest on Job Hunting Techniques and Trends

Incredible Opportunities 

Headhunters Looking for You!

Power for the Independent
Professional - Go to
to find freelance positions, freelancers, back-office tools, and deals on gear

   Life/Home Insurance
Shopping Online For Insurance

It's a good idea to search several sites and compare quotes.

Here are a few sites we suggest you start with.....

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