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Would you trust your life savings with an unknown?

It is no secret, your employees can make or break your business, yet very little or NO actual field investigation is done on the character background of an employee before hiring. The fastest ways to be out of business include poor customer service, employee theft, fraud or sabotage. Yet, how many businesses really take the time to proactively prevent employee problems during the hiring stages.

Now, poor employees is nothing new, but if we looked at their hiring practices of most businesses, they probably they did No field investigation on the character and background of the employee they hired. In other words, they did a structured interview, called a few references and past employers, maybe a test and that's it. Well of course the references are going to say only positive things and unhappy employers don't want to get sued, so they talk in circles. Guess what, the new business hires a "dud" and you end up wearing it in the end. 

Would you trust your life savings on an unknown? Of course not, but many businesses do nothing after the interview and telephone character reference check. Imagine if they actually visited past employers, customers and friends. Imagine if they did an investigation? Imagine if they spent some time INVESTING in their future.

You see FUTURECents recognizes this is a Major gap most businesses have. In the risking matrix, this is a high risk area. We are talking about the Character Ethic of your business in the hands of an unknown. It is amazing that many businesses just don't get it. "You're only as good as the people around you" Personally, you can be the best in your field, but if you don't have it around you, you've got nothing.

Note: We have not even talked about doing ongoing and diary dated security updates of your employees. This is another high risk that can be easily avoided.

So what does FUTURECents do about this? We give you tips on how to dig into that character ethic Before you hire. We give you the "red flags" to look for. We are talking about proactive, preventative measures to lessen the risk of hiring problem employees.

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