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Strategic Stock Research
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Investment Research

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We have found one of the best Online investment research and information services for both individuals and professionals alike.
Unbelievable what is out there. You can spend the rest of your days just surfing the web sites that provide online investment research and information services.
Search no more, we have found the very best online sites out there and it comes as no surprise.

Our Future Sense on the matter..... 

Multex Investor is the only site on the Internet where serious investors can access more than 300,000 investment research reports from over
250 brokerage houses, investment banks and independent research providers from around the world.

The documents available through Multex Investor are not the basic information that's available from hundreds of other sources; they comprise
the real research from top analysts at firms like:

Robertson Stephens
CIBC World Markets
Dain Rauscher Wessels
Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown - US Equities
First Union Securities, Inc.--Equity Research
Gruntal & Co. - Equity
Hambrecht & Quist
Merrill Lynch Private Client
Prudential Securities
Salomon Smith Barney Online
Schroder & Co., Inc.
SG Cowen Securities
U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray 




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  • DeepInsight revolutionizes stock analysis by combining neural expert system with advanced math models. It establishes a knowledge base (model) for each stock you follow and dynamically accumulates (through training) the influence of all major factors. A well trained stock model can precisely measure the influence of each indicator, trading pattern or other information. 


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