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Looking Ahead at Internet Trends and Your Money Opportunities

Go Wireless

The New Frontier

The new frontier is the Internet, but with one key word added, and that word is "wireless." The new land grab when it comes to the Internet is taking place on the airwaves.

Wireless data is hot. You can't open a magazine without reading about microbrowsers on cell phones or turn on a television without seeing an advertisement for the Internet-in-your-pocket. 

More and more companies, small and large, have been riding a tidal wave of investor interest in the wireless data market -- also known as "Internet Wave II."

The reason for this excitement is simple: Wireless is hot. The Internet is sexy. Bring them together and you expand the mobility and reach of the dot-com economy, creating an entirely new market for equipment, software and services.

It's a frenzy out there.  Some investors see more potential in wireless data devices than the traditional networking equipment business. It's also the same investor enthusiasm that has launched prices sky high.

Our future sense on the matter........don't get caught up in the e-Rush frenzy without doing your homework first.

Wireless Taskforce

Want to know more on the next wave to hit Wireless? The Internet Advertising Bureau has established a taskforce to set advertising guidelines for the next plateau within their industry - Wireless. www.iab.net

Beyond Wireless - M-commerce

Wireless is already here for all intensive "investment" purposes, but what's Next?   
What's beyond wireless?  We believe it is M-commerce

Mobile ecommerce, or M-commerce is the ability to purchase goods anywhere through a wireless Internet-enabled device. 

Mobile Commerce ( M-Commerce ) will be the next new wave thanks to cell phones, handheld PCs and souped-up pagers that are increasingly web enabled. 

Click Here for our complete M-commerce section covering

  • M-commerce
  • The New Economy
  • The Next Internet Investing Frenzy
  • Beyond the Winners and Losers

The Future of the Internet?

We see the Internet as organized confusion.  
A dense network of connections, we define as Chaos.
Here are a few tips on how to make sense during the Chaos.

Our Crystal Ball suggests the next wave will be.........

  • Net-Integration
  • Net-Convergence
  • Net-Interoperability 

The merging of computing, telecommunications, mobile devices, home/office appliances, data networking, etc, into a seamless information system utilizing the Internet.  

( Watch Here for updates on Internet intergration, convergence and interoperability )

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